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Dampier Drive Extension, Karnup
City of Rockingham


Planning Control Area (PCA) 126 was declared on 13 February 2018 over land around the intersection of Dampier Drive and Mandurah Road, Karnup – west of Sawley Close to Nairn Road to the east, Paganoni Road to the south and north of Dampier Drive.

The PCA will protect this land from development to enable an amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme to be progressed.

This land has been identified for the potential future extension of Dampier Drive including a grade separated interchange (fly-over) over Mandurah Road. The proposed extension aims to improve traffic flow and increase connectivity between future communities in the Karnup area. There is no timeframe or budget for the proposed extension.

What does this mean for landowners within PCA 126?

Landowners can continue to use and enjoy their house and land as usual. The WA Planning Commission becomes the decision-making authority for any development (for example, renovations, sheds and patios) or subdivision applications relating to land within the PCA. The usual process will continue with the City of Rockingham forwarding any development applications to the WAPC for consideration.

The same compensation and alternative purchase rules apply as a region scheme. Land owners within the PCA may be entitled to make a claim for compensation and/or the land may be purchased by the WAPC – see the above download Your property and the planning system – region schemes for more information.

What is a planning control area?

A PCA is a temporary measure to protect land required for a public purpose from development while an amendment to a region scheme is progressed.

Development cannot be carried out within the PCA area without the prior approval of the WAPC. The penalty for failure to comply with this requirement is $200,000 with a further fine of $25,000 for each additional day the offence continues.

A PCA remains in effect for a period of five years from the date it is published in the Government Gazette or until it is revoked by the WAPC with approval by the Minister.

Where can I view PCA 126?

These documents can also be viewed at the following locations:

  • Western Australian Planning Commission, 140 William Street, Perth
  • J S Battye Library, Level 3 Alexander Library Building, Perth Cultural Centre
  • City of Rockingham, 12 Civic Boulevard, Rockingham.

If you have a question?

Contact 6551 8002 and ask for the officer in charge of Planning Control Area 126.


13 February 2018: Planning Control Area 126 declared