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Latest region scheme maps at various scales are available as downloadable pdf files:

Historical maps of the region schemes and other miscellaneous mapping are also available for research purposes.

Region scheme advice:
Information regarding MRS, PRS or GBRS zonings and reservations can be obtained either by phone (08) 6551 9000, or by applying for a clause 42, clause 47 or clause 53 certificate. Each certificate costs AUD$27.

Hard copy paper maps
You are encouraged to download scheme maps as and when you require them. Should you require a hard copy you will need to outsource your request to a printing/photocopy specialist.

Digital data: 
Region schemes, local planning schemes and other Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage / WAPC mapping data as digital mapping files.

Interactive Planning Map:
PlanWA is a dynamic mapping tool, allowing free public access to planning data and information online.

For further information about mapping at the Department and WAPC, please contact us:

Phone: (08) 6551 9112        Email: