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Liveable Neighbourhoods is a Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) operational policy that guides the structure planning and subdivision for greenfield and large brownfield (urban infill) sites.

In general, Liveable Neighbourhoods replaces the current WAPC development control policies. Where such policies conflict with Liveable Neighbourhoods, Liveable Neighbourhoods will prevail unless an applicant can demonstrate why it cannot or should not apply.

Liveable Neighbourhoods Review 2015

The WAPC initiated a review of Liveable Neighbourhoods which broadly included:

  • a staged approach aligned to Liveable Neighbourhoods content or ‘elements’;
  • comprehensive stakeholder engagement, including the establishment of a technical advisory group, to identify issues, operational effectiveness, emerging trends and solutions; and
  • identification of major interpretation, inconsistency and implementation issues between Liveable Neighbourhoods and existing WAPC policies.