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Western Australia’s coastal zone is one of the State’s most valuable natural assets. It is used and enjoyed by much of the local community and is a major drawcard for tourists to the State.

There are many competing pressures on the coast which present unique planning and management challenges. Coastal erosion and inundation risks associated with rising sea levels are significant challenges. The WA Coastal Zone Strategy provides a whole-of-government integrated framework for collective action to manage and adapt to threats and pressures along our coast.

The Strategy establishes a vision of a sustainable coast for the long-term benefit of the community and visitors to the State. Five high-level goals have been adopted and are supported by detailed objectives to guide management and use of the coastal zone.

The Strategy emphasises that all levels of government, private organisations, natural resource management groups, the community and individuals each play an important role in coastal planning and management. The Strategy also outlines the State Government’s position on the use of coastal protection measures to mitigate the impacts of coastal erosion and inundation.

The Strategy’s Appendices contain the following:

  • Definitions
  • Stakeholder roles
  • Summary of WA State legislation relevant to the coastal zone
  • Key government strategies, policies and relevant documents
  • Funding opportunities